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One Less Worry

If you’re a facility professional you understand that regular filter changes will extend the effective life of your mechanical equipment. Restricted airflow stresses motors and belts and leads to early failure. However, your maintenance team has dozens of other responsibilities to keep everything running smoothly. We provide filter change services to ensure this critical piece gets done on time and on schedule.

We Work on Your Schedule

If you have an existing Preventative Maintenance schedule, we adhere to it. If we find that your filters are not overloaded, we will alert you so you may consider less frequent changes, and the opposite may also be true. For example, many of our customers change filters more often in the summer because cooling equipment tends to run more often than heating. If you want filters changed first thing in the morning before business starts, we can accommodate that. Some of our customers prefer us to change filters on weekends.

Stop Losing Money from Inefficient Energy

Heating and cooling is the single biggest energy expense for commercial buildings. By maintaining clean filters, you optimize air flow and save energy. You may also save energy by upgrading to higher capacity filters. We can provide you with an energy audit to test for potential savings.

Indoor Air Quality

You may be fielding questions on whether your systems can deliver cleaner air to comply with CDC recommendations. Often this involves a trade-off among higher efficiency, air pressure (equipment stress, energy), and budget. We stock a variety of high efficiency air filters with up to MERV-15+ efficiency that also have very low air resistance. As part of our air filter service, we provide free consultation on balancing these issues.

How Clean is Your Air

Did you know EPA studies have found that pollutant level inside homes can be two to five times higher than outdoors? The National Safety Council found indoor air pollution levels can be as much as 100 times higher than outdoors after some activities. The best way to battle bad air indoors is by staying on top of your air filter maintenance.

Benefits of our services

Only Pay for What You Need

Don’t worry about getting more service than you need. We check all the filters in your home or office. If filters in a certain location are consistently not dirty we’ll let you know and recommend extending the time period between filter changes. You always have clean healthy air, but never pay for more service than you need.

Your Air Filter Experts

Never worry about having the right size air filter. Does your home or business require custom sized filters? No problem. We will make your custom filters in-house and make sure you always have the right size filters without any hassle. Our service techs have an average of more than 15 years each changing air filters. They can take one look at a rooftop unit and guess correctly what size filters the unit uses. Whether your units are up on a roof or suspended 20 feet off the ceiling, we have the skills and equipment to safely do the job.

The Easy Way to Always Have Healthy Clean Air

If you can’t remember the last time you replaced your air filters, you’re not alone. If you’re tired of the hassle that comes with sourcing filters, replacing filters, and disposing of dirty filters – you’re not alone. You can set your air filter maintenance on autopilot by using our filter replacement services. Know your indoor air is always healthy and spend your time doing something more exciting than changing dirty air filters.

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